Christian Story Books For Children by Claudia Lynn

      Let your children enjoy story books that promote Christian values!
      The 6 illustrated books are directed toward ages 6 through 12. Page count ranges from 40 to 60 pages.
      The books are based on Bible stories that deal with topics such as temptation, service to others, and facing evil with the help of prayer and faith.
The setting is in the Old World, olden times of 500 - 1200 AD, during the early spread of Christianity.
      The stories are entertaining as well as instructive. The main characters are children who confront and overcome danger. Yet they are not without shortcomings and humor.
Give your child a lasting and memorable experience of courage, devotion and worship.

The Beast by Claudia Lynn

The Beast

Two princesses have been kidnapped.
The King has made an offer of reward to any hero who finds them and brings them back.
Will he save the Princesses and return them safely?
Will he get his reward?
  The Elixir by Claudia Lynn

The Elixir

Princess Rosalind lived and played happily at the end of the castle.
But one day she learned that her mother, the Queen, was very ill.
Will she make it back with the Elixir in time to save her mother?

The Lamb by Claudia Lynn

The Lamb

Caitlynís favorite lamb is missing.
She and her brother, Evan, want to get Lambie back from the dark castle at the top of the village hill.
Will they make their way into the castle
before something horrible happens to Lambie?

  The Map by Claudia Lynn

The Map

A messenger came to the village to warn of invaders coming from the north.
Will Aric find the kingdom drawn on the map?
Will he lead the children to safety before they perish?

The Rebellion by Claudia Lynn

The Rebellion

Prince Owain was given the mission by his father the King of putting down a rebellion in a distant part of the kingdom.
Can he redeem himself and show he is fit to be the next King?

  The Seeds by Claudia Lynn

The Seeds

Even though Gerda was a princess, she was made to be a servant to her cruel and vain stepmother.
Would she ever return to her own country and bring the seeds that would save the kingdom?